Dog Island Beer and Bourbon Barrel Aged Rum (750mL) - Bottle Reservation

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Borne out of a collaboration with local brewers, this savory rum delivers a parade of flavor qualities that endear it to aficionados everywhere. The Dog Island Beer Barrel Aged Rum is our traditional silver rum aged in barrels which were first used to age red ale and bourbon. What results is a spirit that erupts first with a traditional floral body followed by coffee and chocolate notes.


  • Bronze Medal – 2016 Berlin International Spirits Competition

Due to restrictions imposed by the state's three-tier system, we are only allowed to physically sell these bottles at our package store in a face-to-face transaction limited to six bottles of each label, per person, in calendar year. 

However, you can reserve your bottle online for in-store pick-up at the Winter Park Distilling Company Package Store in the Brewstillery Just show up with your ID and your online purchase receipt and we'll handle the rest.  You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and pick-up.

$36.00 Retail Price at the Package Store                    80 Proof/40% ABV